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Too often, Realtor bios all read the same... We all "devote time & resources to continuing education", and we all "work hard to maintain the cutting edge" to help you "get where you are going"... Make me commissioner for a day, and I'd banish all these promotional copies of basic things that all Realtors should have.


My Background 


Midwest born & raised, Pat was lucky enough to get the second-best job on a Navy aircraft carrier - working the flite-deck as a photographer... From there, he picked up a degree in Microbiology from Oregon State University. After relocating to Arizona, Pat began picking up rental homes, then a real estate license, then he dove full-time into work as a Realtor. That was 1985, and here we are, decades later, and Pat is still going strong! 

Awards & Designations

Early in his career, Pat attended a real estate class taught by Howard Brinton & Randy Eagar. That was a 3-day class in Phoenix that changed the arc of Pat's career. Here was a training curriculum that focused on clear values & defined ethics, more than on canned scripts & persuasion tactics.


In 1988, Pat joined a local Toastmasters Club, and learned the fine art of public speaking. In the photo to the left is Pat with a fellow Toastmaster, Anne Lorimor. Anne is a 2-time Guiness World Record Holder, for being the oldest person to climb Kilimanjaro. She did it at 85 years of age, then had to re-do it at 90 after someone else beat her by a few years... She is an incredible resource for the city, having created a foundation for challenged youth. She shows no sign of slowing down, and why would she? 

This is one of Pat's favorite people!

Who I Help

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